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Long Term Care Planning

The odds of a person needing long-term care when they are older depends upon a number of factors, some reports say that the odds of someone needing nursing home care are over 50% for those 65 or older. A 2007 USA Today article said that 7.4% of Americans aged 75 and older are in nursing homes in… Read More »

Unions Win More Freedom to Organize

Article in today’s Wall Street Journal about Unions Won More Freedom to Organize. This is a win for labor,  and a loss for big business, however time will tell if giving more power to unions will lead to more of them organizing, and effect business growth and their hiring. Most people though are concerned about… Read More »

Bank Of America To Pay $335 Million In Fair Lending Case

Categories: News, Real Estate

Fox reported today that Bank Of America To Pay $335 Million Settlement In Fair Lending Case | Fox News to resolve allegations that its Countrywide unit engaged in discrimination of African-American and Hispanic borrowers.

Social Security Retirement, to Be or Not to Be?

Categories: Plan, Retire

Social Security Retirement Benefit, or shortened to SSRB for this article, is a major cornerstone for most Americans. Many people wonder: how it works, whether it will be there for them when they are eligible, will it change, and should their plans include the assumption that it will be there for them. This article addresses… Read More »

Device Saves Car Repair Expense

Does the little check engine light on your dashboard light up?  It may be telling you vital information about your car, that if not attended to right away could result in a significant repair. On the other hand it may indicate something really simple such as a loose gas cap. How do you normally tell… Read More »

What can Washington DC do to for the economy?

Politicians don’t seem to have many great ideas to help with the economy. They either want to increase or decrease: individual or corporate taxes, spending, and entitlements. These things may have a positive or negative impact on the economy but none of them will turn things around. These are important issues that do indeed need to be… Read More »

HSA, MSA, HRA and FSA Medical Accounts

HSA, MSA, HRA and FSA Medical Accounts Health Savings Accounts, Medical Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, and Flexible Savings Accounts are all special accounts that may be offered or provided to you by your employer. They offer the ability for you and your employer to pay for some benefits with ‘tax-advantaged’ dollars. This means that your… Read More »

Is a car lease a fleece?

Dave Ramsey says that no one should ever lease a car, he calls car leases fleeces, is it true, is this fair, should no one really ever lease a car, and is it always a rip off? Basically a lease is the purchase of the car’s value that you will be using. Dave’s overall recommendations are to minimize… Read More »

Tips for Lowering Computer Costs

Categories: Spend

It has been fun to watch the personal computer evolution from my first purchase in 1987 of what was called an IBM AT. This system included a monitor (green and black), keyboard (no mouse) and computer with a whopping 40-MB hard disk drive, and a printer. That system cost $3,000, including software upgrades. In 24 years… Read More »

Mortgage Settlement Possibly Forthcoming

Categories: News, Real Estate

Housing and Urban Development and some state officials are negotiating a settlement in the ballpark of $25 billion, with the 5 largest mortgage providers: J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Ally Financial, and Wells Fargo that could benefit some homeowners with troubled mortgages, the Wall Street Journal reported today. Some homeowners could benefit by… Read More »