eFinPlan is a radically simple solution to personal financial planning.

Financial planning used to be reserved for the wealthy only. eFinPLAN makes personal financial planning accessible for every person and every budget.

Find out how eFinPLAN was started

Expert financial insight for every person.

Behind our software is a team of financial experts.  The calculation engine has been serving planners for more than 30 years. Since 2007, eFinPLAN seeks to provide actionable financial insight for regular people – from those just starting out to those entering their retirement years.

We Will Never...

  • judge you for financial mistakes you've made in the past
  • store your credit card number or ask for your bank account information
  • pressure you to purchase financial tools or expensive services

We Will Always...

  • provide a customized, implementable plan to financial success
  • provide educational resources in easy-to-understand terms
  • give you a clear path to attain your financial goals

Share your eFinPLAN with your financial adviser!

We are a financial resource for people in all stages of life. Share your eFinPLAN with your financial adviser or tax professional for further collaboration and impact on your future financial goals. With a documented personal financial plan, you can make financial decisions with greater information, understanding, and collaboration.

Customized financial planning for every budget.

No matter what financial mistakes you’ve made, or what your current financial situation looks like, you have the control in planning and improving your finances today. Our online financial planning provides hope for everyone who is struggling with:

  • Overcoming crippling debt
  • Paying off expensive medical bills
  • Rebuilding from bankruptcy
  • Embarrassment from a poor credit score
  • Difficult times from to unemployment

No longer do you need to feel inferior, disappointed, embarrassed or defeated. Generating a wise financial plan is the first step to building your confidence and shaping your future!

Despite the fact that we are an online financial planning solution, eFinPLAN strongly believes the determining factors of financial success revolve around relationships. Financially healthy individuals and families are conduits of generosity and prosperity in their community. To contribute ourselves, eFinPLAN donates a percentage of our profit to various philanthropic pursuits and charitable organizations.

Are you ready to take control of your future?

Accessing a custom financial plan through eFinPLAN is simple, secure, and extremely affordable. Sign up today to start your specific path to financial freedom!