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News about lenders: Post Bankruptcy Collections, Auto Loans, and Pay-Day Lenders

If you have had some difficulty with making debt payments recently, this article may be for you. It is has been reported in several places including the Wall Street Journal, that even though people declared bankruptcy, some lenders still tried to collect on the old debt. This is an illegal practice, where the lenders or… Read More »

Behind Every Great Woman?

While watching Jeopardy last night, one of the contestants was a stay-at-home dad. My wife and I discussed how we know more people doing this today. Today I ran across an interesting article at Business Week: Behind Every Great Woman. Many women today earn more than men, and during this recession, reports show that women’s… Read More »

Health Insurance Issues for the Elderly

Why this topic is so important. For individuals in the later years of life, health insurance and health related costs are often one of the largest expenses. It is critical that you consider and plan for these expenses and that you become aware of the details of your options. In addition, as a voter you should… Read More »

Comparison of Public Pensions to 401(k)s

Categories: News, Retire

There as been a lot of talk lately about retirement pension plans for public employees. Public employees being any state, city or county employee. Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today  comparing public pensions to private workers with 401(k)s.

14 Ways to Increase Cash Flow

What are your financial goals for 2012? Maybe you want to go on vacation, fund your emergency savings so that unplanned expenses don’t set you back, repay debt so that you don’t feel the burden of living paycheck-to-paycheck, put more money into retirement and college savings, help your family more, give more to charity. But you are wondering how you… Read More »

Low cost savings tips on heating bills: Electric space heaters and more

Categories: Spend

In colder climates if your average heating bill is $200 per month, for 5 months, then your total cost is $1,000, then a 20% savings is only going to save you $200. So if you are on a tight budget you will be looking for low-cost ways to save on utility bills. Here are a… Read More »

Madhoff Insurance: Personal Accountability & Due-Diligence

Categories: Invest

Yesterday’s blog referred to an article about some great investment books for those that want to become more engaged in their investing; more and more people today are doing their own investing, or at the least becoming more informed so that they are partnering with investment professionals in the investment process. Today I want to… Read More »

Best Investment Book Recommendations

Categories: Books, Invest

I stumbled upon this blog article about the Best Investment Book Recommendations. These books look to be great reads for those who want to be engaged in the investment process, whether doing it themselves or having a professional help them. Financial planning is more of a partnership today, with clients becoming more educated about financial matters…. Read More »

4 Free Online Budgeting Tools

Categories: Budget

Shelley Elmblad reviewed 5 Free online budgeting tools on her column at the Examiner.com. This is great reading if you are considering starting and following a budget for 2012.

Tax Cut Deal Agreed to

Categories: News, Taxes

The House plans to vote on a new version of the Senate-passed bill to extend the payroll tax cut that was set to expire January 1st. What this means immediately to your personal finances is that your net take home pay decrease remains at least for a couple more months, by not reverting to the 6.2% regular… Read More »