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Blackest of Fridays?

Categories: News, Spend

Interesting essay at TheMinimalists.com “The Blackest of Fridays,” commenting about the biggest shopping day of the year following Thanksgiving “On this day, people consume gluttonously without regard for the harm they’re inflicting on themselves. On this day, greed becomes ravenous. On this day, people live without real meaning, buying gifts to fill a void that can’t possibly… Read More »

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Income Benefit Risks

Interesting Article in the Wall Street Journal today about Variable Annuity’s Guaranteed Benefits. Variable annuities provide nice tax deferred growth, their rates of return aren’t bad if they have great sub-accounts, which are accounts similar to mutual funds. Variable annuities don’t guarantee rates of return, nor do they guarantee the principle unless the annuity holder chooses… Read More »

Compulsive Shopping a Behavior or Disorder?

Categories: Spend

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on Compulsive Shopping.

What is Estate and Legacy Planning?

Categories: Legacy

Legacy planning is the new phrase that is used synonymously with estate planning these days, and is the general process of arranging your financial affairs in a way that reflects your main priorities and values. People often think about wills and trusts, and this type of planning will always incorporate that, but the documents are… Read More »

Are Complex Investments Worthy of Consideration?

Categories: D Ramsey, Invest

Author, speaker and friend Mary Hunt of Debt Proof Living asked me recently to write an article about Credit Default Swaps, and I thought that was a great idea, and while I was at it, I thought I’d expand the subject to address complex investments in general. The simple answer to this question posed, is yes… Read More »

Do You Have a Financial Compass?

Categories: Plan

Many people do not have a financial compass, and they are constantly blown around by the financial winds of the day. The winds come from many directions; the demands of our personal and business needs, wants, emergencies, the emotions of the stock and bond market, and from sales offers from a wide range of investment… Read More »

Consolidate 401k, 403b and 457 accounts

Categories: Invest, Retire

Have you always worked for the same company? Most people answer no to this question. In fact, people change jobs much more frequently today than in previous generations. There are a whole host of reasons, from corporate downsizing to finding a better opportunity. Perhaps you have an employer-sponsored retirement plan with one or several previous… Read More »

Investment Terms Demystified

Categories: Invest

Many people these days are encouraged to become more knowledgable about financial matters, but often come across financial terms that are a mystery. This can be discouraging and confusing. The financial world, like everything else, has its own vocabulary. If you want to know about a hedge fund, ETF, or nearly anything else financial, just go to the… Read More »

Washington DC Corruption?

Did you know that our Federal lawmakers are exempt from insider trading laws? According to the report on 11/13/11 CBS 60 minutes lawmakers can and do buy stock and real estate based on secret inside information, in some cases information that they are privy to because they serve on special private committees. If anyone else… Read More »

Investment Secrets of the Rich and Famous?

Categories: Invest

From time to time I am asked if there are investment secrets that only the wealthy know about? When I walk through bookstores, I see titles of books that make me think so. Everyone wants to think there are short cuts, or secret ways to instant success or dramatic investment returns. I think that since we… Read More »