Your Privacy is important to us.


  • eFinPLAN does not accept advertising, or endorse financial product or services, or provide or sell your information to anyone. We will not use your information for marketing.
  • We will not access your information, unless you seek coaching and give permission, and then it will only be accessed for that purpose.
  • Employees and partner’s employees have limited access to customer information based on their responsibilities to resolve any customer service issues that may arise.

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  • When you fill out an eFinPLAN financial plan, you will never be asked to provide your social security number or your financial account numbers. Our plans are entirely anonymous to protect your identity and provide you with peace of mind. Your name is optional for the input and on the report, which may be left blank.
  • Protecting your data and information is vitally important to us. All financial data is secured using multiple firewalls, a high quality data center, and encrypted connections (Secure Socket Layer – SSL). Shared access is prohibited, and payment and login systems are segregated from the financial planning system.


  • The eFinPLAN software, blog and educational materials on this web site have been prepared for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be construed as financial advice. These disclaimers are necessary for being able to provide access to the software at this low cost.
  • This web site and use of eFinPLAN does not establish any kind of advisor-client relationship between us. It is recommended that, you should always go to a financial advisor for suggestions to your specific financial situation. We can provide coaching, about your eFinPLAN, to answer questions, and how to input data, but this coaching doesn’t constitute any advisor-client relationship. Implementation of your plan, assumes you will use local professionals or online providers of investment and insurance products, and seek their advice before implementing.
  • Coaching can be provided about your eFinPLAN, but it doesn’t constitute any advisor-client relationship. This includes coaching provided by eFinPLAN or affilates.
  • Users of eFinPLAN will be provided with a complete terms of use, that further outlines these disclaimers.
  • eFinPLAN disclaims any liabilities whatsoever from your decisions based or influenced by the software, site or after discussions with coaches.