Frequently Asked Questions

Our revolutionary software generates a remarkably personal financial plan. FinPLAN answers the most frequently asked questions about our software and financial planning. Sign up and start planning your financial future today.

What does an eFinPLAN include?

Our software generates a 60+ page report that is focused around your unique data. This plan includes 7 major areas of financial criteria: Present financial condition, cash flow, investing, college planning, risk management, retirement and estate planning. Your plan will also include a personal action item checklist to provide clear direction for putting your plan into action.

How is an eFinPLAN different from online financial calculators?

Financial calculators are stand-alone features that help you understand the impact of a single decision. An eFinPLAN integrates several decisions into a holistic report and plan, providing you with unparalleled foresight into the impact of major expenses and cash flow changes.

Is eFinPLAN just a boiler-plate financial template?

No. eFinPlan was specially designed and developed with individuality in mind. Our many years of experience in the financial planning industry have confirmed that no two financial plans are alike. We have painstakingly developed the eFinPLAN calculation engine to integrate thousands of calculations, actuarial tables, and personalized goals and data parameters entered by each user to produce each individualized report. This engine has been running financial plans for professionals for nearly 30 years, adapting through constant changes in the personal finance industry by leveraging the expertise of mathematicians and experienced financial planners.

How long does it take to generate my financial plan?

It will take you about 30 minutes to input your data, depending upon how accessible it is. Once inputted, eFinPLAN is incredibly fast, and is able to deliver your 60-page financial plan in under twenty seconds. Your web service provider, modem, and browser may affect the load speed of your plan.

Will I need to download any software to my computer or device?

No, eFinPLAN is a 100% web-based app. Simply log into your account through your preferred device and browser to access your report.

How secure is my information/privacy?

eFinPLAN considers your privacy our first priority. Behind the software, we’ve implemented two layers of security protection and offer a secure payment system. In addition, we do not require your name, social security number, bank account numbers, date of birth, or email address to run your financial plan. For full details click here.

Will you ever sell my personal information to a third party?

Absolutely not. We will never sell your information to a third party or violate your privacy by releasing your information to unauthorized personnel. For full detials click here.

Are you affiliated with or owned by any financial institution?

eFinPLAN is a privately owned software, created to help people in every stage of life organize their financial life. Our officers and software are not controlled or affiliated with any single financial institution.

Will you bother me with sales pitches for financial products?

No. We will never try to sell you financial investments or financial products. We do offer coaching services which are priced accordingly, but these services are 100% voluntary and will not be forced upon you.

I am a financial advisor. Can I use eFinPLAN with my clients?

Absolutely. Each client will have their own eFinPLAN account, and you may assist them with their financial plan. Financial advisors who use eFinPLAN for multiple clients may be eligible for special discounted pricing.  For full details contact us.

Can I use eFinPLAN outside of the US?

It is important to note that an eFinPLAN is only compliant with the US financial system and may not be compliant with financial regulations and financial systems of non-US countries. If you are an American living overseas, or a member of the Armed Forces stationed abroad, please take this into account when generating your eFinPLAN.