Financial freedom
begins with the right plan.

Wealth and wise investments do not happen accidentally; they are the result of carefully considered plans that thoughtfully consider all determining factors. eFinPLAN exists to give everyone access to the smart financial planning that is typically reserved only for the super wealthy.

A financial plan is more than a budget; it’s a carefully created strategy.

Much more than a budget or debt reduction plan, a financial plan is a thoroughly crafted document that identifies your current financial state, identifies your future goals and dreams, and creates a carefully crafted strategy to take you there.

Individuals and businesses can directly benefit from a smartly designed financial plan. With eFinPLAN, you will have access to a comprehensive, 60+ page financial plan that outlines your financial path through six critical components of wealth and money management:

  • WorthAn eFinPLAN contains a constructed inventory of your assets and liabilities in order to provide a snapshot of your total net worth. This will provide insight into debt analysis and reduction, estate planning, and discretionary spending.
  • End of LifeOur online financial planning application helps you understand more completely the common estate planning documents and concepts so that you can choose an end-of-life financial plan that equips your surviving family for financial freedom.
  • SpendingWe provide insight into how your debt-to-income ratio and your spending habits currently affect your financial situation, and how those habits can be improved to help you reach your financial goals. Our insight will help you pinpoint and address negative cash flow.
  • GoalsOur financial planning solution helps users determine money-maximizing strategies that will fund college education, retirement, charitable giving, and large future purchases such as vacations, homes, and vehicles.
  • RiskAn eFinPLAN helps you clearly identify how much cash you should reserve for emergences and unforeseen expenses. Our model includes education about insurance and investment planning to help you make wise decisions for your financial future.
  • LongevityUnique to an eFinPLAN financial plan, we provide you with remarkable insight into how your values and relationships directly affect your finances through cash flow and charitable giving.
  • RetirementOur financial plan will help you prepare for the retirement years. Find out how much money you'll need to save to retire comfortably and to establish clear financial goals that will help you progress toward those golden years.

A financial strategy that you not only own, but you also control.

When used correctly, a financial plan brings control and stability to an individual’s financial world. It reduces the anxiety around sudden expenses, prepares for unforeseen risks, and gives valuable confidence for investing and making large purchases.

However, we know that a plan is only as good as its execution. That’s why eFinPLAN gives you the keys to your financial plan – giving you the ownership to customize, alter, and enhance your plan as you see fit. Working individually, or in partnership with a financial planner, you can leverage your eFinPLAN financial plan to:

  • Analyze your present financial situation and plan personal financial goals
  • Discover ways to generate income and save responsibly
  • Learn how to manage your spending and investments
  • Decrease your debt with measured steps
  • Plan for your family and unexpected crisis
  • Implement your personal financial plan into your daily spending habits

Start Planning Today

Don't spend another day worrying about your financial future! Let us help you plan for the future and give you insight into the action steps you need to take to make your money count. After all "a goal without a plan is just a wish."