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Is I.D. Theft Insurance Essential?

I.D. theft insurance has been a big topic of discussion lately, since the Anthem cyber attack exposed nearly 100 million American’s personal information Here’s a review of how I.D. theft insurance works, other things you can do to protect yourself, and what to do if you are a victim of financial cyber fraud. The American population… Read More »

Problems with Debt & How to Get Out of It

Eliminating all non-mortgage debt should be one of your top financial goals A lot of debt spells disaster for most people’s financial plans, and it should be avoided at all costs. These are the top 8 reasons why having a lot of debt can be harmful:  Debt works against wealth building: High interest loan payments… Read More »

Do You Know The Best Ways to Protect Credit and Debit Accounts?

Life is busy, so sometimes people let their guards down when it comes to using credit cards safely. So here are 10 things you should do to help make sure no one steals your credit and debit card information: Use cash more often for such things as buying fast food and gasoline. Some thieves attach little card readers to… Read More »

How To Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

Does your mail box fill up with offers from credit card companies? Sometimes they will mail you checks and pre-approved credit cards. It is annoying, and its also a waste of time to go through them. You must also shred them to be sure no one steals your identity. Those of you with an ecology or stewardship… Read More »

Credit or Gift Card Positives, Negatives and Innovation

The banking industry has never been known as innovators or centers of creativity, that’s why an article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention today: Ice-Cream Bank’s Rocky Road. I’ll get to the article in a moment, but my gripe with credit cards and gift cards is that although they provide a definite convenience,… Read More »

Capital One Credit Card Woes

The credit card industry, within the last few years, has come under closer oversight and regulation. Dave Ramsey in his Financial Peace University class lessons of Dumping Debt and Credit Sharks in Suits has been particularly critical of the bad behavior and sometimes illegal practices of credit card companies. Just last week Capital One Financial… Read More »

The truth about teens in debt

This is a guest post from Stewart Smith In the present financial situation, the money that you earn from your job is just not sufficient to cover everything you want. Now, the most obvious solution would be to get a credit card in order to fulfill all your desires. Well, this is the way how… Read More »