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Investment Secrets of the Rich and Famous?

Categories: Invest

From time to time I am asked if there are investment secrets that only the wealthy know about? When I walk through bookstores, I see titles of books that make me think so. Everyone wants to think there are short cuts, or secret ways to instant success or dramatic investment returns. I think that since we… Read More »

9 Steps to Master Your 401(k)

Categories: Plan, Retire

Your employer-provided retirement plan (e.g., 401k) is one of the most important pieces of your financial plan — yet it is often misunderstood and under-utilized. Master your retirement plan to retire early, on time, and achieve financial success. During this time of year, either 4th quarter or the 1st quarter of next year, your company… Read More »

How I Shop for Tires

Are you thinking about buying new tires before the hard winter weather hits?  Have you looked at them lately, do they look bald?  The old rule of thumb is to stick a penny in the tread and if the tread doesn’t go above Abe’s head then it is time, even if close you are ready. Tires… Read More »

The truth about teens in debt

This is a guest post from Stewart Smith In the present financial situation, the money that you earn from your job is just not sufficient to cover everything you want. Now, the most obvious solution would be to get a credit card in order to fulfill all your desires. Well, this is the way how… Read More »

The Economic Cost of Angry Birds

Interesting and funny but unscientific article about the amount of time consumed playing just one game, Angry Birds.  This article cites a recent report that around the world people spend 200 million minutes on Angry Birds every day. This adds up to 866,666,667 hours per year in America, and might compute to 43.3 million working hours, that at $20 per hour… Read More »

Savings, CDs, Money Markets and Linked CDs

Many people ask me about savings accounts, money markets and CDs, and the latest version of CDs, market linked or index CDs: Q. Most financial experts say that we should accumulate 3 – 6 months of income or expenses in a safe savings account, for emergencies, such as job loss, uninsured damage to property or… Read More »

Large Lawn Mower Expense Avoided

Categories: Spend

A couple of weeks ago my 1998 42″ Craftsman Lawn Tractor model # 917.271021 with a 15.5 hp Kohler engine, decided to empty its transmission fluid on my back yard. The transmission case somehow got a crack in it, and it is too old and costly to replace. I was not happy with the thought… Read More »

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Categories: Real Estate

Step 1: Get Your Financial House in Order Before you even think about the purchase of a home, look at your entire financial plan (talk to a financial planner and/or do your own plan using online software like eFinPLAN.com. The purchase of a house affects not only the amount of money you currently have in… Read More »

Christmas Micro Budgets

Categories: Budget

Shopping for Christmas gifts can surely be a budget buster. If you go shopping and  do not have a list or calculated in advance how much you are going to spend on particular individuals, your emotions may get the best of you, and you will wake up with a massive debt hangover after the holidays…. Read More »

Morningstar’s New Fund Ratings

Categories: Invest

Morningstar Inc. known as a leader in providing mutual fund analysis for the investment community and consumers, recently introduced a new system. The well know star ratings of providing 1- 5 stars based upon mutual fund’s past performance, has been helpful to some people at evaluating mutual fund choices.  Past performance is often no indication of future performance, but merely… Read More »