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Low Cost Smartphone Alternatives

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Good article in the Wall Street Journal about some good alternatives to the expensive full featured smartphones.  Those on an extremely tight budget may want to avoid these all together, and stick with a regular phone to save themselves high monthly data usage bills, unless they really need one for business. The monthly savings could… Read More »

Costco Cost Savings and Warnings

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Big Box retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco can sometimes save you a lot of money, but if you aren’t careful you can end up spending more money than you planned to. I suspect most people do go over budget at these places. We are avid coupon clippers and deal shoppers, and often our receipt… Read More »

Large Lawn Mower Expense Avoided

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A couple of weeks ago my 1998 42″ Craftsman Lawn Tractor model # 917.271021 with a 15.5 hp Kohler engine, decided to empty its transmission fluid on my back yard. The transmission case somehow got a crack in it, and it is too old and costly to replace. I was not happy with the thought… Read More »