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Financial News and Articles from the Web – Dec

Important and Interesting Financial News and Articles from the Web – Dec New homes built with solar panels, trend to help reduce energy costs SEC MLM warning; says to be aware of internet fraudulent multi-level marketing schemes 16 Rules for Investors to Live By – The Wall Street Journal 16 Rules for Investors to Live By Need a… Read More »

5 Common Investment Myths

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Don’t be Fooled by These Common Myths A myth is something that most people believe, but after careful analysis of the facts, it’s not found to be always true. The investment world has several myths, or things that most people believe as conventional wisdom. 5 of the most common investment myths are: Myth # 1: Missing the 10… Read More »

13 Year End Tax Tips to Save You Money

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13 Key things to consider before the end-of-year to save taxes Overview.  This article will help you Take the Mystery out of Personal Tax Planning by providing some year-end tax savings tips.  (This article does not include special issues that relate to business or self employment). This is to serve as a general guide to help you… Read More »

A Review of Monte Carlo Simulation

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Conventional retirement projections in most retirement financial planning software packages and calculators looks at everything the moment you enter it, such as your goals, assets, benefits, and expenses coupled with assumptions for taxes, rates-of-return and inflation. Since this is just a calculation it doesn’t measure probability of all of the many variables that could possibly… Read More »

How to Start Planning For Retirement

A retirement plan is not your 401(k); therefore, just because you may be a part of an employer-sponsored retirement plan, it doesn’t mean you have a retirement plan. Some people think their retirement plan is their 401(k) or Roth IRA or something like that. Those are just types of retirement accounts–labels on special accounts. They are like one… Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Stocks & Investments

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The stock market has severely slumped this week 2014 has been a great year in the stock market. The Standard & Poor’s 500 (S & P) basket of stock of 500 companies hit an all time record this year when it closed at 2,011 August 26th. However, this week has been particularly bad for the S & P,… Read More »

Understanding Investment Types and Accounts

One thing that confuses a lot of investors are the various types of Investment Accounts. This article will help people identify and distinguish between them, whether they are retirement (qualified) and non-qualified accounts, in addition to IRAs and college education accounts. This article will help you understand the difference between them, what they are designed… Read More »

Fundamentals of Investing

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Investment management seems to be hard to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. We will examine the three different investment management methods, as well as risk and asset classes. We will also discuss practical steps to begin constructing your investment portfolio. Investment Management has sometimes been defined as: Managing assets and resources in relationship to your… Read More »

3D Printers, What Will it Mean to Business and Your Investments?

Taking a reflective walk down memory lane about 3D printers, I find that it’s a short walk from my dentist to my laptop.  Several years, ago I had a cap glued onto a molar. It was created from several pictures relayed to a 3D laser that cast a duplicate of the missing top of my… Read More »

Great Articles from InvestSense

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I have been following the blog InvestSense, written by a full time financial planner and investment adviser, and an attorney, for a few years now. I find his articles refreshingly frank, helpful, non-self promoting, educational and intelligent- cutting through much of the baloney the investment consumer stumbles upon in the media or from some firms…. Read More »