Creating a comprehensive financial plan has never been this easy.

eFinPLAN provides a 60+ page detailed financial plan that equips people of all financial situations with organized finances and actionable financial insight. Our online app gives you the personal plan of action necessary to align your spending habits with your financial goals, eliminate financial stress and uncertainty, and invest in your desired future.

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A simple process to building a financial roadmap.

Our online financial planning process replaces financial dread, disappointment, uncertainty or failure with a confident roadmap for financial success.
  1. 1Create your eFinPLAN account.Creating an account with eFinPLAN is the first step toward your financial success. Purchase your affordable one-year subscription, create an account, and get started using our simple online financial planning tools.
  2. 2Complete our simple questionnaire.Complete a private online questionnaire to provide the necessary information for building your financial plan. Your privacy is our top priority - we will never ask for your social security or banking account numbers!
  3. 3Review your comprehensive, custom financial plan.After you've completed your questionnaire, our software generates your detailed financial plan in minutes. Your financial plan is fully downloadable and it includes an Action Item Checklist with concrete action steps to your desired financial future.
  1. 4Customize your plan throughout your one-year eFinPLAN subscription.Our unique online financial planning software allows you to continually customize your financial plan. Run mock scenarios to help you feel confident and prepared to face uncertain financial situations.
  2. 5Walk confidently along the pathway of financial freedom.Our financial planning software replaces fear and failure with a confident plan toward a financially secure future. Our financial experts are even available for an additional fee to provide one-on-one coaching. Contact us today for pricing.

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We believe that comprehensive financial planning should be accessible for everyone, and it should give you a detailed plan that helps you implement spending habits that align with your financial goals, eliminate financial stress and uncertainty, and invest in your desired future.