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Global Warming and Personal Finances

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A recent column in the Wall Street Journal “No Need for Panic About Global Warming” written by 16 prominent scientists, seems to cast serious doubt in global warming (GW). GW seems to be quite a divisive issue these days, at least that is what it seems as if you pay attention to the national media. As a… Read More »

Friday 1/27/12 Blog Roll, Great Reads from Other Blogs

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The following are great articles this week from other personal finance blogs that I follow: 5 Best Gas Reward Cards from Wise Bread High Deductible Health Plans and Major Medical Bills from Five Cent Nickel Best High Interest Checking Account Rates from Moolanomy.com Interesting Breakdown of Warren Buffet’s Secretary’s Tax and Salary from All Financial Matters Best… Read More »

What Are Investment Policy Statements?

If you decide to hire an investment professional to invest your money for you, one thing you might want to discuss with prospective advisors is the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is drafted between you and the advisor that outlines the rules they are to follow when investing your money. The advisor will typically… Read More »

The Tax Implications of Foreclosure

The current economic turmoil has seen many good people having to go through foreclosure. For those that have the unfortunate experience of this, they might want to read the article in the Wall Street Journal regarding the tax implications of foreclosure

Investing – Do It Yourself?

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Until these post modern ages, few people did do-it-yourself investment management. With the advent of increased sources of information, no-load mutual funds, and low-transaction-cost brokerage accounts, more people choose to forgo using an investment advisor and manage their investments themselves. You are a smart and intelligent person and probably capable of doing a lot of… Read More »

Some Fundamentals of Investing: A Primer

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Investment Management has sometimes been defined as: Managing assets and resources in relationship to your personal and financial goals, in order to most efficiently accomplish desired results. Achieving financial goals involves the use of many techniques, financial concepts, and tools. Perhaps one of the most important is the proper use of savings, investments, and retirement accounts…. Read More »

$2k in Grocery Savings

Saturday morning is the time my wife and I usually grocery shop together. By then she has clipped all of the coupons, we have discussed the list of things we think we need and how much we want to spend. She has also run a report from www.thegrocerygame.com, which is a nice list of deals that… Read More »

Friday Blog Roll 1/20/12, Great Reads from Other Blogs

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The following are good articles from other personal finance blogs that I follow: 57 Avoidable Tax Mistakes from Wise Bread Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules, How to Get Money Out Early from Five Cent Nickel Four Tips to Negotiate Medical Bills from Moolanomy.com How Important is a Budget? from All Financial Matters Feeding Your Family, 7 Steps… Read More »

Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline: Jobs, Energy, Politics and Money

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We have not heard the end of the story of the trans-American pipeline to bring Canadian oil sand derived crude though a 1,700 mile pipeline, that Obama rejected yesterday (1/18/12). Conservationists are celebrating, since they believe the negative environment consequences of the line and special process to remove the oil from the sands. It seems… Read More »

$7.5m Donation to You and Me

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Billionaire David Rubenstein today made a $7.5 million donation to repair the Washington Monument, damaged from last summer’s earthquake, the government will pay the other $7.5m.