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Important Auto Insurance Facts

  Property and Casualty insurance protects the things we own, such as our cars, homes, and businesses. It also protects areas with gaps in coverage such as professional and personal liability. This article will explore many of the major coverage and savings issues about automobile insurance so that you can intelligently review your insurance coverage. Auto insurance… Read More »

Understanding Investment Types and Accounts

One thing that confuses a lot of investors are the various types of Investment Accounts. This article will help people identify and distinguish between them, whether they are retirement (qualified) and non-qualified accounts, in addition to IRAs and college education accounts. This article will help you understand the difference between them, what they are designed… Read More »

Fundamentals of Investing

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Investment management seems to be hard to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. We will examine the three different investment management methods, as well as risk and asset classes. We will also discuss practical steps to begin constructing your investment portfolio. Investment Management has sometimes been defined as: Managing assets and resources in relationship to your… Read More »

Problems with Debt & How to Get Out of It

Eliminating all non-mortgage debt should be one of your top financial goals A lot of debt spells disaster for most people’s financial plans, and it should be avoided at all costs. These are the top 8 reasons why having a lot of debt can be harmful:  Debt works against wealth building: High interest loan payments… Read More »

The Reasons and Costs of Over-Borrowing

The concept of debt management is especially important today as Americans are saving less and are further in debt than at any other time in our history. Why do people over-borrow and what is the ultimate cost? Reasons for Growing Debt Level. Americans owe more and are saving less than at any other time in modern history…. Read More »

A Basic Review of Debt

The concept of debt management is especially important today as Americans are saving less and are further in debt than at any other time in our history. Let us explore what debt is, when it is good and bad, how to get out from under its bondage, and what the consumer should be aware of.  Loans Defined–An… Read More »

How to Buy a Car and Avoid Lemons

Besides the purchase of a home, automobiles are the second most significant purchase that consumers make. The wrong car buying decision can cost you thousands of dollars. Here are some tips for buying the right car for you so that the purchase doesn’t interfere with your accomplishing your other financial goals. Have you heard the jokes about Land… Read More »

Important Information about: Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance

The old adage “your health is your wealth,” rings true when you consider the financial consequences of a major illness. This article explores two types of health insurance: disability and long-term care. Disability Insurance covers your ability to earn an income, which is your single greatest asset. Disability insurance (also known as disability income or sick… Read More »

5 Vital Issues of Financial Planning for College Education

  For many people today, having a college education is a base requirement for obtaining a higher paying career. However, college costs continue to increase many times the average inflation rate. Therefore, it is imperative to engage in College Education Financial Planning.   1.    Get a written financial plan.  Call a financial planner or obtain a… Read More »

Top 10 Financial Planning Tips for Having a Baby

Having a baby requires a massive amount of preparation.  You must determine whether to paint pink or blue, rearrange work schedules, and buy strollers, cribs, car seats and every other baby necessity.  You must even decide on a name that the baby will carry for life.  As you are preparing, take some time to also prepare your finances. 1: Create… Read More »