The Low Hormone Rip-Off

Categories: Wills

Radio and Television is awash with silly advertisements aimed at anyone in their 40’s or older, to get you to buy supplements to counter the affect of lower hormones as we age.  The ads ask if you are fatigued, depressed, low sex drive, gaining weight or generally have a feeling of malaise. These ads appeal to everyone really, since everyone experiences some of the symptoms as they age.

Amberen is the product that I hear advertised the most on AM radio for women, and Andro 400 for men. Looking at Amberen’s website, they list the ingredients as basic vitamins that a lot of people need and some may fall short on. Listed is calcium and magnesium, zinc and vitamin E. My wife has been taking calcium magnesium for years, and it helps her a lot with her monthly hormone fluctuations. You can buy these supplements a lot cheaper than Amberen’s regular price of $149.

Also Amberen has MSG, an additive used in many food products like snacks and Asian food, to enhance flavors. MSG gives me migraine headaches, and I have read a lot of side affects of taking MSG on various websites. I’m puzzled why this ingredient is added, although Amberen website says it is added for energy.

The other ingredient listed is an amino acid, they indicate that when coupled with magnesium helps with emotions.

I would avoid these pills, since the advertising is misleading and their product is expensive. At the very least talk to your doctor first. If you feel you need these vitamins and proteins, first eat more nutritious food, and if you feel you fall short on some items, buy high quality but much lower cost supplements.

Contrary to the ads, most people will notice very little change to their fatigue, depression, sex drive, or weight loss. Just like the snake oil sold centuries before, avoid big claims and big price tags. Save your money, the best way to treat these things, is through better life management, like good personal finances, diet, exercise, adequate sleep, professional medical care, and habits to promote positive mental health.