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Retailers to Avoid

Retailers are a dime a dozen so I can be choosy who I decide to deal with. Here are the top things that turn me off and others that attract me to do business with them:

Retailers to Avoid

  • Those that make big claims that they always have the lowest price. I never trust this comment because no one single retailer has the lowest prices on anything, they couldn’t stay in business if they did, and can’t shop around constantly to be sure, so right off I suspect that I might not be able to trust them. Therefore I avoid auto dealers that make this claim.
  • Firms whose employees are not happy to serve me. If they are not happy with how they are being treated or trained by their employer, this tells me the corporation doesn’t really care about the customer. I particularly find this with many stores in big malls.
  • Poor return policy. If a company doesn’t stand by their products and is unwilling to work with me on returns, then I avoid them. Therefore I will never shop in stores like Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Stores that have poor access to the disabled. If someone isn’t able to manuever into the doors and through the isles then I know they don’t care about disabled people, and may not have a heart. I avoid them like the plague. For example every Hollister store that I have been around has steps and narrow doors to get in.
  • Retailers that exploit people sexually. If a store uses in advertising images and clothes that are sexually explicit, especially towards women and youth then I never shop there. For this reason I will never buy anything in Abercrombie and Fitch or Victoria’s Secret. Just checking A & F’s website this morning, were a few such images.
  • Some people avoid firms that support political, economic or social causes that they disagree with, sometimes I do this, but frankly I don’t have the time to keep track of them.

Retailers I like:

  • Great return policies, like Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • High quality products at great prices. Costco gets the nod for me for many items, often saving me from having to research items (I still do and got a better price on tires elsewhere). Also I like the fact they try to have products that I normally couldn’t afford, such as organic food.
  • Starbuck’s like, happy to see me, attitude. If prices are competitive and I am being served and treated like they appreciate me, then I love to shop at places that appreciate the fact I am contributing to their profitability and paychecks.
  • Great reputation for sales and service. If I’m buying things like appliances, furniture, and car repairs I ask people I know what they think. Last time I went against my instincts and bought an item from a regional appliance firm who treated a friend horribly, I too had a bad experience.
  • Plenty of easy to find sales people to help me find items and answer questions about different choices.  Large stores are the worst at this, sometimes I can walk all over the store and never find any help. If the price is right I will shop at smaller hardware stores where I can get individual help.

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