Global Warming and Personal Finances

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A recent column in the Wall Street Journal “No Need for Panic About Global Warming” written by 16 prominent scientists, seems to cast serious doubt in global warming (GW).

GW seems to be quite a divisive issue these days, at least that is what it seems as if you pay attention to the national media. As a blogger, I try to not have a bias in my writing towards the agenda’s of the right or left. I am concerned though, when changes to economies are proposed that are very dramatic, which may negatively affect a great number of people’s financial stability. Those concerned about GW would also say that if we don’t act quickly enough, global warming will lead to worldwide drought and harm more than people’s finances.

Is the science backing global warming right on? Talking to a scientist at The Ohio State University, I was compelled to maybe believe as he did, after hearing the facts presented, that there may be something to GW. In addition, anecdotally it seems that there is indeed a dramatic reduction in glaciers and some polar ice. Is the change in temperatures caused by man? However after reading the article mentioned, it seems as if we might want to hold back on many of the proposed CO2 far-reaching policies.

It is good stewardship of our planet to pollute less, use alternative fuels and depend less upon foreign oil by using our own until alternatives can replace them. I think all of us can get behind this, but not when flawed science (maybe), is used to make draconian changes.