Important Financial Articles from the Web – Nov

Important and Interesting Financial News and Articles from the Web

  • Open enrollment for ACA Obamacare 11/15: If you didn’t sign up last time you can soon, already covered: renew/change, from the New York Times
  • Retirees and real estate, decisions and planning implications, often overlooked but important, from Market Watch
  • Financial planning data worth noting: Social Security benefit increase, from Forbes
  • People on a tight budget, need to be careful buying upscale cars, this example is for $1,113 to repair bulb in high-tech head light, from Car Talk
  • Is college still a good return-on-investment? Article discusses this and some new assessment tools being used, from The Wall Street Journal
  • Mutual fund guru David Snowball, interviewed about index funds and mutual fund managers from the Wall Street Journal