Do We Appreciate Businesses Enough?

The presidential campaign had me wondering which presidential candidate would have been the most pro-business. Investors in business might not think Obama is great for business, when you consider the 313 point drop in the DOW yesterday. Let me say at the outset that I am not taking political sides in this article.

During the presidential campaigns business got a bad rap. In a society that has been relying more on entitlements, the wealthy (including many who are business owners) have sometimes been maligned. The anti-business rhetoric came from both sides as our economy suffered in part from Wall Street abuses. Some of the criticism was right on, but only a very small minority are to be blamed for the recession. Governor Romney was raked across the coals for what he did while at Bain Capital, but much of that criticism was not founded in facts. This and more has contributed to an anti-business sentiment at times, and this is wrong and bad. Business, especially big business and “big oil,” is often the scapegoat for whatever ails societies when we are look for something to blame. It is a natural human reaction to want to blame someone when something bad happens.

Businesses though, should be lifted up and esteemed by all of our institutions of government, religion, education, entertainment and society at large, because they have formed part of the backbone of most cultures for thousands of years. Businesses supply goods that people need worldwide. Businesses employ people, providing good jobs that people feel good about doing, and they provide funds so that people can care for themselves, for others and for their families. Businesses help fund health care and retirement plans. They provide resources to finance other businesses, and funds for people to buy and build homes. Businesses are creative outlets for people to do things they are passionate about have talent in. Businesses are communities of collaborative people, friends that become families. Modern culture couldn’t exist without businesses. They help people build wealth that can be used to help people in need and to help preserve culture.

Culture is that wonderful and colorful thing that makes up our great societies that we are blessed to enjoy. Businesses are part of the entire culture that includes art, entertainment, sports, ethnicities and more. Businesses are good–something to be celebrated, lifted up, supported, funded, taught, enjoyed and encouraged. Business is good, and I appreciate what they do!

Starting, owning and running businesses takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears–requiring people to risk security, wealth, homes and lifestyles. It is hard work to keep employees and customers happy while battling ever-present competition. Global competition is fierce, requiring more new levels of expertise than ever before. Technology, benefits, taxes, accounting and cash flow management are extremely complex, making it difficult to relax for even a moment. We all depend on businesses, and more then ever they need our political, economic, emotional, spiritual and financial support, and much less criticism that is sometimes heaped their way. For in business growth, much of our economic ills can be relieved.


2 thoughts on “Do We Appreciate Businesses Enough?

  1. LLS says:

    We have owned a small business (mobile service) since 1986. It’s pretty much all we have done, all those years. The climate now is beyond stressful. Clients and people we speak to either tell us we offer a luxury they cannot afford any longer, or they try to tell us what we should be charging. Several weeks ago a woman told me, “you probably used to get a lot more for your services (but I would have never paid it.)” Truth is, she probably would have because everyone paid those prices without much question several years ago.
    I hope people will support local small businesses, but I also hope they will quit telling them how to run their business and what they should be charging.
    We have high expenses, even though we work from home. Fuel, cleaning chemicals, insurances, payroll, advertising etc. We have also paid the price from the current economy in health problems resulting from stress.
    I would ask the general population to understand, many businesses are offering some of the lowest prices ever offered, simply to stay open. The general public needs to understand that we have bills to pay, taxes and a business to maintain.
    We’re not out to rip anyone off, and believe it or not many customers treat us like we are. We’re simply trying to survive like anyone out there.
    Pray for the small business owners you know, pray for the economy and the unemployed and self-employed. Most likely the people you know who are struggling, are hard working and honest.

    1. Kent says:

      Thank you for your note. Small businesses like your are under tremendous pressure, I will pray for you. I’m proud of your stick-to-it-ivness. One way or another we are all going to get through this.

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