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Large Lawn Mower Expense Avoided

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A couple of weeks ago my 1998 42″ Craftsman Lawn Tractor model # 917.271021 with a 15.5 hp Kohler engine, decided to empty its transmission fluid on my back yard. The transmission case somehow got a crack in it, and it is too old and costly to replace. I was not happy with the thought of forking out over $1,000 for a new riding lawn mower to cut 1 – 2 acres. I’ve become a decent mechanic learning how to replace many parts on this mower over the years, from deck parts, several batteries, belts and blades, steering linkage,  and various other parts and pullies. I was just glad I made it to the end of the season, and I’d worry about it next Spring.

Driving down a country road a guy had a mower identical model to mine sitting on the curb with a “For Sale, Has Issues,” sign.  Basically in need of a battery and front axle. So flash forward after my buddy Bruce helped me by hauling it, and a greasy Saturday, I’ve combined the parts of two mowers into 1 pretty good one and a supply of many extra parts for only $75 minus the $14 I got for the metal I recycled.

I’m feeling good having saved some money on parts, and having a good working tractor, and no big outlay for a new one come Spring. Sometimes saving money is making due, and waiting to see what crosses your path while waiting.

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