Best and Worst Fitness Values

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Investing in physical fitness is smart, being in better health not only means feeling better, and having less stress, it saves money on doctors bills. Healthier people not only get fewer colds and flu, they have less disease and falling accidents. They spend less on prescriptions, and save time going to the doctor and pharmacy.

Consumers of physical fitness products are ripe for rip-offs, because people want the most efficient way to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. However, I have found most of the pills and equipment marketed on TV are junk and a waste of money. Marketers are after quick bucks, and make millions selling products to people that have little knowledge of fitness.

Have you ever gone to neighborhood yard sales and not seen exercise equipment, videos (most of the time unused).   Consumers should especially avoid equipment that is  purported to help you loose weight on a particular body part such as the butt and stomach.  It is a fact that any cardiovascular exercise will burn calories and fat all over the body.  Doing isolated exercise will create more muscle in a particular area, something that the user may not want. This is all common knowledge in the exercise world and could be learned by anyone reading a decent book on fitness.

A few days ago the Federal Trade Commission recently settled for false marketing claims with the Ab Circle Pro for $25 million, and Skechers last May for $50 million for toning shoes. This reminds me of the vibrating exercise belts of yesteryear which  pulled a canvas belt back and forth across one’s hips. Gymnasiums had these for decades, I remember seeing a few still in the 1970’s.  It seems even with fitness equipment nothing is new under the sun.

I recall seeing various “….Of Steel” videos in boxes at our yard sale as well as an Ab Roller. It is a good rule of thumb to remember that 90% of highly marketed devices DVDs and pills aimed at consumers wanting to get in shape and loose weight are junk.

The better investments I have made on exercise equipment are good bicycles.  Also membership to a fitness facility can be a good buy (when I actually go) – Just be sure not to sign a long-term contract.  I know people that really use their treadmills, so they can be a good investment, but they are not cheap, look for a good used one. Investing in a modestly priced personal trainer might be a really good idea too, to help you stay on track. The best buy in exercise equipment for me has been a good pair of running shoes, I get hundreds of hours of running and walking for a small investment. To get a really good pair that will be kind to your feet and ankles, initially spend $75 to $115. Then when you need a new pair buy last-year’s model online for a big discount. These days the new model offers few enhancements-  the changes are mostly cosmetic, only the very avid runner will notice the upgrade.