American Dream, Betrayed By Bad Economic Policy


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I started the day poorly this morning, when I listened to Donald Barlett and James Steele interviewed on NPR about their new book, American Dream,’ Betrayed By Bad Economic Policy. I’ve already put this book on reserve at my local library, because it focuses well on some the key reasons why as a country we have been struggling economically, some of which are due to poor Federal economic policy. Click on the link above and you can listen to the story; very fascinating stuff.

2 thoughts on “American Dream, Betrayed By Bad Economic Policy

  1. Thanks for sharing, Kent – It will be interesting to learn more about this perspective of economic history and their forecasting. Not sure I agree with their premise, but I want to learn more. Appreciate that your blog is always opening up new ideas to us!

    1. Kent says:

      The premise as I understand what they were saying, is how our policies on trade undermined on our own economy and manufacturing jobs, sometimes it seems as our country gives it all away, looking forward to reading the book

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