Year End Investment Results 2011 & Expectations for 2012

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You may be wondering how your investments performed in 2011, and what that prognosticators are saying for 2012, here are some very good resources:

  • “Mutual-fund categories and their benchmarks ranked by one-year total return. Yardsticks are based on categories compiled by The Wall Street Journal, based on Lipper, Inc. fund investment objectives. Performance for Yardsticks is based on an arithmetic average of all the mutual funds in the category.”
  • Stocks or Bonds? What the Pros Say…” provides some good discussion about the coming year.
  • How did your investment’s performance compare to other similar ones, and their average? Your investment professional, firm, or mutual fund or 401k provider should be able to provide that information during the 1st quarter, check out your next statement, this information is often provided there, or on the online portal. Finance websites such as The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance and many others, can provide you with current data now.