Thrift Store Finds; Clothes and Picasso’s

Categories: Spend

Thrift stores that sell used home furnishings and clothes have been a place for us to acquire needed items, but I have not come across a Picasso like Zach Bodish did, when he bought a signed print for $14.14 and might be worth $6,000 – $12,000 at the Volunteer’s of America store in Columbus Ohio.

More often we donate items at thrift stores, it is quick and we get a nice tax deduction, instead of keeping the items for a garage sale, because my wife detests the whole garage sale process, although we have made over $2,000 from doing them over the years. We moved recently, and sold some things on Craig’s List, at the New Uses store, donated some things to thrift stores, and am storing the rest. It is very nice to purge the home of unneeded items.

We have purchased a few home furnishings, coats, jeans, dresses and shirts over the years, at a huge savings at the Goodwill, Volunteer’s of America and Salvation Army stores. If I am going to do a real messy job like outdoor painting or sealing the driveway, on occasion I’ve bought few real cheap items that I can throw away when the job is completed. I really hate it when I buy a piece of new clothing, then after a few weeks, it is uncomfortable or shrank in the wash, and it gets pushed to the back of the closet only to be worn occasionally. When I buy something at a thrift store for a few bucks I seldom have buyer’s remorse. I bet Zach Bodish didn’t have buyers remorse this time, I’m excited for Zach, and will definitely check out the framed items next time I go.

Source: Columbus Dispatch