Savings an Investment?

Categories: Budget

An article that was recently sent to me Saving, Spending Wisely are Investments from the Washington Post has some excellent information. However to add to that, many people think “I’m not going to save into a savings account, that earns nothing, I’m going to live my life and when I have a lot of money I am going to invest in some really cool sophisticated investment that is going to earn a lot of money… someday!”

The truth of the matter is, learning to spend less, budgeting and practicing smart financial management is an investment of your time, that will pay actual cash dividends. Learning to save hundreds of dollars each month, and actually depositing money into an ordinary savings account, money that you would normally not save is a 100% investment return. This is because you will have money that you wouldn’t have if you stayed in a freestyle, devil-may-care lifestyle. So saving, smart management and good spending are excellent investments, that will help you to accumulate money, that you can invest when you have accumulated more.