Save Big on Hanes

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Average quality, 100% cotton underwear seems to have really gotten expensive the last few years. While shopping for just basic plain white T-shirts we were amazed that a packet of 5 costs $34 at Sears and Kohls. Sometimes you can find where they are throwing in a extra shirt or briefs so you get 6 for the price of 5. Is that supposed to help you get over the shock of having very little change left over after tax, after laying down a couple of $20’s on the merchant’s counter?

Sears and Kohls often run these items on sale, as they were recently. The deal that was being advertised was “Buy One, Get One 50% Off,” what coupon masters refer to as BOGO. So now you are tempted to buy a couple of packages. If both items cost $34, then after tax you will spend about $55. I hate the feeling of having $100 bucks in my pocket- 5 $20 dollar bills, and then be down to only having 2 of them left, plus change. I feel like I have been taken to the cleaners.

My son went to the Internet to check prices, he found the same items being sold for $18.99 at Amazon, so after buying a couple of packages that normally sell for $34, they can be had for around $40, plus free shipping for Prime members. The same items were on sale at too for $14 per package, but some other items were a little more expensive, plus they didn’t offer free shipping. So after comparing both websites, we saved a couple of bucks at Amazon.

Later, I wanted to buy some for myself and I only found them on sale at the Hanes website, and searched for discount promo codes and saved another 10% off the entire order, so I ordered them directly from Hanes. My order was just under $60, so I was going to have to pay 10.99 shipping, so I was able to add another low cost item ($6.99) to get free shipping.

You can buy decent quality 100% cotton name brand underwear online right now, without having to give your shirt off your back to buy them.