Low cost savings tips on heating bills: Electric space heaters and more

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In colder climates if your average heating bill is $200 per month, for 5 months, then your total cost is $1,000, then a 20% savings is only going to save you $200. So if you are on a tight budget you will be looking for low-cost ways to save on utility bills. Here are a few things you can do to save money with spending little to no money.

  • Outside doors are a huge source of heat escape: weather stripping cost $3 to $15 per door
  • Windows are another huge source of heat leakage, wait for a warm day to apply caulk: cost starts at about $3 per tube
  • On sunnier days, keep the blinds and curtains open, but close everything in the evening, these will act as insulators or solar heaters.
  • Have you noticed lately many space heaters being sold at the big box retailers like Costco, Home Depot and Wal-Mart, and TV ads selling the latest and greatest? A low-cost one can pay for itself if you turn the heat down low throughout the house and put the heater in the room you occupy. Great article for more information¬†Dont burn cash: A space heater may help you save on your heating costs.
  • Insulate wall plates (switches and plugs) on outside walls: $1.93 for 7 at Home Depot