Low Cost Hearing Aid Solutions

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Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about some lower cost alternatives for people with hearing loss. Some people can’t afford FDA approved hearing aids, since they often cost up to $4,000 a pair; often insurance doesn’t pay for them either. According to the article, 20% of 36 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, so these new devices might be an option for some who have gone without hearing because of the expense of FDA approved devices. They come in various designs and models, and range in price to around $50 to less than $1,000.

Ironically, in Monday’s Journal there was an article about George Martin, rock music’s most famous record producer and producer of all of the Beatles’ albums except one. His proximity to loud music for decades is being blamed for his near deafness. George can afford the best hearing aids, and with the alternatives mentioned in today’s Journal article, many of us suffering from the recession might now have affordable, if not the best, solutions to this growing malady.