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Good time to buy?

Categories: Spend

There are many times throughout the year to buy certain items, or to check on things that might save you money!

  1. The Spring is a good time to buy a refrigerator, since that is when new models come out and manufacturers are trying to get rid of old models
  2. The Fall is a good time to buy other major appliances, since that is when these new models are coming to market
  3. The end of the year is often a good time to buy a new automobile, for the same reasons as appliances
  4. The end of the year may be a good time to buy a used car, since many people may be considering new ones, or come the change in the year, the car is a year older, and worth less- better for the buyer
  5. End of the Spring is a good time to buy lawn and garden goods since many nurseries are trying to get rid of inventory that they don’t want to care for any more- negotiate great deals on plants and lawn equipment too (the Fall is good for that too)
  6. Right after the Holidays is a great time to get steals on wrapping paper and ornaments
  7. Furniture sales can be excellent at their outlet stores, tent sales and around the time of the primary Furniture Market Trade Shows in High Point, North Carolina in April and October


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