Dave Ramsey FPU Week 2: Comments about “Relating With Money” & Forgiveness

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The 2nd of 13 Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Classes is Relating With Money. I love this class, because it helps couples understand their differences and work together. This is probably one of the reasons why about 75% of married couples that attend the class report this has helped improve their marriage.  Just understanding that we approach money with unique styles, non-judgmentally, is good to open up the doors to be able to cooperate and work together. For singles, this class is excellent too, because many of the recommendations for relating can be applied to accountability partners, and it is always helpful to better understand our strengths and weaknesses.

Some couples are carrying lot of relational money baggage. It can range from feelings that their spouse totally failed them to just disappointment because one is either too obsessive about this, or not interested enough. There may be hurts over mistakes the other made, bad purchases that both are not paying for. How do we get past this? Forgiveness is the answer. There is really no other way to resolve this. Punishment, resentment, ridicule and bitterness just sow the seeds of division. Let’s admit that all of us have made some mistakes, or haven’t managed things wisely, so it is really fair to just let go of those hurts.  Love forms the basis of your marriage, and forgiveness is an act of self-less love and grace towards the other one. This fresh start helps couples work together better.

Spouses will either work together on finances or work against each other.  You need the other person’s wisdom, strength, support and unique set of gifts and talents that you don’t have to do this together.  If you do this I promise not only will your finances improve, but so will your relationship. Is it easy?  Heck no, someone once said that marriage requires death to some parts of our self. I think that is true; we sacrifice what we want, for the benefit of the other person, to children and to what He wants. The other does the same for us. In the end it isn’t loss, but we get back much more than we give up. This is love in action.

I hope this is helpful, now be encouraged, work on this together, you will achieve a lot together.