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Financial Diligence Is Required More Now Than Ever

Various news sources last week reported that inflation-adjusted median incomes haven’t increased since 1995. The recession is partly to blame, since many higher paying white-collar jobs are gone. Over the past 20 years many factories have moved overseas, so higher paying blue-collar jobs are rare. As if those challenges aren’t enough, those with modest incomes have a… Read More »

What is the worst financial advice you have been given?

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Someone once gave me advice when I was young and eager in business, to live just below my means. Have a nice car and loan to go with it, and other niceties of life, I was told that this would motivate me to succeed.  He said that living on the edge this way would keep… Read More »

Money Etiquette: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

The other day Dave Ramsey’s newsletter  had the Money Etiquette: 6 Mistakes to Avoid, I thought they were pretty good, funny and worth sharing. Dave’s newsletters are really good and worth signing up for (they’re free): Tipping poorly. Dear Mr. Bad Tipper: Nothing says, “Thank you for taking my order, bringing my food, refilling my… Read More »

Counting on Inheritances

Many people are counting on receiving an inheritance, therefore they don’t adequately make good financial plans. It isn’t unusual for some to not fund their retirement plans, because they think their parents are well off and will leave them enough money to live on. Parents though may not have as much money as we think… Read More »

Special Alert-Barron’s “America’s Top 1000 Financial Advisors”

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You may have heard financial advisers advertise their top Barron’s rating on the radio, but have you wondered what it means? If so read this great article from another blog…

10 Financial Tips for people with Chronic Health Conditions

In 1989 and 1991 we had our two babies at a cost of $10 each. We made a $10 co-pay at the first pre-natal visit, and all expenses including birth up through the baby’s 3-month checkups were covered by that first co-pay. Few people, perhaps other than Senators, receive health care today at such a… Read More »

Is Your Pension Secure?

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Pensions are a little rare today, so rare most people don’t really know how they work.  Pensions also known as Defined Benefit retirement plans, pay someone a percentage of their income when they retire, based upon age, years of service, wage history and the design of the plan.  Millions of people still have them, typical… Read More »

Social Security Retirement, to Be or Not to Be?

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Social Security Retirement Benefit, or shortened to SSRB for this article, is a major cornerstone for most Americans. Many people wonder: how it works, whether it will be there for them when they are eligible, will it change, and should their plans include the assumption that it will be there for them. This article addresses… Read More »

Do You Have a Financial Compass?

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Many people do not have a financial compass, and they are constantly blown around by the financial winds of the day. The winds come from many directions; the demands of our personal and business needs, wants, emergencies, the emotions of the stock and bond market, and from sales offers from a wide range of investment… Read More »

9 Steps to Master Your 401(k)

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Your employer-provided retirement plan (e.g., 401k) is one of the most important pieces of your financial plan — yet it is often misunderstood and under-utilized. Master your retirement plan to retire early, on time, and achieve financial success. During this time of year, either 4th quarter or the 1st quarter of next year, your company… Read More »