Before You Bargain Hunt

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Before You Bargain Hunt, Consider This…
Everyone is looking for a way to save money. Companies are taking advantage of this by promoting their best “bargains” to the fullest and people are scouring thrift shops for a used version of anything they need. However, not all bargains are created equal. There are some things that you should definitely not skimp on. In these special cases, paying a little more for the real deal is usually the best decision.

First of all, never buy used bedding. Not only do you not want to sleep on somebody else’s mattress that’s been collecting their dead skin cells for years, but these days bed bugs could be hitching a ride into your home as well. Always, always buy new when it comes to bedding. You’re probably also not going to want to buy discount bedding either. Our sleep is important to our body and mind function. The last thing you need to do is sacrifice the health of your back for a few bucks. For the sake of your cleanliness and back, buy new, good quality bedding and get your savings elsewhere.

Baby Items
It’s okay to buy used baby clothes or even toys. However, items such as car seats and cribs should not be taken for granted. Always purchase these items new and find a good quality brand to invest in. The safety of your child is at stake. There are so many recalls on cribs, citing failed safety standards, why would you put your child at risk?

These round pieces of rubber are standing between you and the road. There’s no way of knowing if a used tire has suffered damage from an accident or a careless driver. At the same time, discount tires don’t offer the same dependability as trusted, quality brands. For your safety, be willing to shell out a little bit more cash for your tires to ensure dependability.

Some electronics are okay to buy used. However, used computers are better left alone. You never know how a person before you treated that computer. They are very fragile electronic devices that require proper care and maintenance. If your computer was dropped or had something spilled on it, you’re out of luck. If you are prepared to pay a little more for a brand new, decent computer, you will have a machine that will last you much longer, as long as you take proper care of it. Make your money count.

Safety Gear
Anything that has an intended purpose of keeping you safe is something you shouldn’t be saving money on. Helmets, for example, whether you ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, you want a quality material standing between your head and the pavement. Used helmets can be broken or tampered with and cheap helmets can lack safety rating and dependability. When it comes to your safety, it’s worth the extra cash.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” applies to most things. While it might be okay to save money on a kitchen table or a night stand, there are certain items that you are better off paying full price for. As hard as it may be for hard-core thrift shoppers, taking the item into consideration before grabbing that great bargain is always a good idea.

Steve Henning writes about frugality, finance and travel insurance., and cheap travel insurance.