As Stocks Head Higher So Do Risks

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The stock market is up this year 16.4%, so there might be some rationale for reducing one’s portfolio exposure to stocks, contends Daniel Roe of Budros, Ruhlin and Roe the largest financial planning firm in my hometown Columbus Ohio, as reported in the Wall Street Journal today’s article “As stocks head higher so do risks.”

This is an excellent article for investors to read, not only because of the insight about repositioning one’s portfolio given market conditions, but by giving us a look at some of the mutual funds they use for their clients. Most financial planning firms don’t use individual stocks and bonds, but use mutual funds that they select after doing intensive research of a fund’s return, management, expenses, risk and investment style and philosophy.

What is rare though is most financial planning firms don’t make public some of the funds they select, nor do they publish them in the newspaper. This article makes good reading for those researching possible funds to consider.