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Stranger Owned Life Insurance

The Wall Street Journal reported today, that a Federal judge has ruled for Prudential Financial Inc. allowing them to void a $10,000,000 Stranger Owned Life Insurance policy. Surprisingly Prudential is also allowed to keep over $600,000 in premiums. This is huge blow to investors, because many sellers of these products believed that if cases like this were lost, at… Read More »

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Income Benefit Risks

Interesting Article in the Wall Street Journal today about Variable Annuity’s Guaranteed Benefits. Variable annuities provide nice tax deferred growth, their rates of return aren’t bad if they have great sub-accounts, which are accounts similar to mutual funds. Variable annuities don’t guarantee rates of return, nor do they guarantee the principle unless the annuity holder chooses… Read More »

Structured Settlements Twist

A structured settlement is money that is owed to you in a monthly stream of income for many years, such as a lottery winning, large law suit or a payment from an annuity that has been annuitized. In exchange for the income, the owner of the structured settlement receives a lump sum amount of money. These… Read More »