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The Benefits and Costs of Obama Care

The key benefit of Obamacare, National Health Care, or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is providing care to those who are unable to purchase health insurance because it costs too much, or are uninsurable. Lack of adequate health coverage sometimes forces or keeps people in poverty, or causes the uninsured pain, suffering and death… Read More »

Obama Care Stands

Various news sources are reporting that the Supreme Court upholds key part of Obama Health Care, the individual mandate. More evaluation on 7/2/12 blog.

The Essentials of Life Insurance

Life Insurance Defined Insurance providing for payment of a sum of money to a named beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder. In other words, it is insurance of a risk (death) to replace the financial loss suffered by those dependent on the deceased. History of Life Insurance Life insurance is nothing new, its history… Read More »

Retiree Health Care Costs Increasing

According to a study by Fidelity Investments a couple retiring this year will incur $250,000 in costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Those with medi-gap or employer based retiree health insurance will have less expenses. Many companies today either do not provide or are cutting back on retiree health care, so they probably… Read More »

Assisted Living Costs

Insurance policies to help offset the cost of living in an assisted living facility are priced based upon the amount of benefit that one feels they need or can afford. People in their 50’s and 60’s often consider this insurance, but it isn’t cheap, neither is the cost of living in a facility.  The costs… Read More »

Health Insurance Gap for Millions

The health insurance debate is far from over. You are going to hear a lot more about it in the next few years; during the presidential debate, as cases work their ways through the courts and the Supreme Court, and as more major provisions become effective that aren’t now. I’ve listened to much of the… Read More »

Medicare Part B Premiums Increasing in 2014 247%?

There is an email circulating that claims Medicare Part B premiums will increase 247% in 2014 to $247 from the present rate of $99.90. According to the AARP website and others, this is a myth that has been circulating since 2010. A little background: Medicare is federal health insurance for those age 65 and older (and others… Read More »

Health Insurance Issues for the Elderly

Why this topic is so important. For individuals in the later years of life, health insurance and health related costs are often one of the largest expenses. It is critical that you consider and plan for these expenses and that you become aware of the details of your options. In addition, as a voter you should… Read More »

Long Term Care Planning

The odds of a person needing long-term care when they are older depends upon a number of factors, some reports say that the odds of someone needing nursing home care are over 50% for those 65 or older. A 2007 USA Today article said that 7.4% of Americans aged 75 and older are in nursing homes in… Read More »

HSA, MSA, HRA and FSA Medical Accounts

HSA, MSA, HRA and FSA Medical Accounts Health Savings Accounts, Medical Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, and Flexible Savings Accounts are all special accounts that may be offered or provided to you by your employer. They offer the ability for you and your employer to pay for some benefits with ‘tax-advantaged’ dollars. This means that your… Read More »