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GM Chevy Volt Cancelled?

General Motors (GM) announced another “temporary” production halt for its $40,000 electric hybrid Volt car. This car was doomed to fail from the start when they priced it almost twice the cost as Toyota’s Prius. The average passenger car shopper is looking for a car that is priced similar to other cars in the size… Read More »

Special Alert-Barron’s “America’s Top 1000 Financial Advisors”

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You may have heard financial advisers advertise their top Barron’s rating on the radio, but have you wondered what it means? If so read this great article from another blog…

Federal Student Loan Repayment Options

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Week #4 of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University: Dumping Debt was a great motivating lesson. Since that class I have received numerous questions about Federal student loans. Therefore I put together the following brief about Federal Student Loans various repayment options to foster your additional research and consulting with your advisors. Please keep in mind, this… Read More »

IRS Issues its Annual Dirty Dozen Tax Schemes 2012

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The Internal Revenue Service recently issued its annual “Dirty Dozen” ranking of tax scams to remind taxpayers to use caution during tax season Identity Theft. The IRS is seeing more identity thieves using legitimate taxpayer’s identity and personal information to file a tax return to claim a fraudulent refund. If you receive an IRS notice… Read More »

Medicare Part B Premiums Increasing in 2014 247%?

There is an email circulating that claims Medicare Part B premiums will increase 247% in 2014 to $247 from the present rate of $99.90. According to the AARP website and others, this is a myth that has been circulating since 2010. A little background: Medicare is federal health insurance for those age 65 and older (and others… Read More »

New Tax on Unearned Income Coming in 2013

You may have received a chain email about a new real estate sales tax of 3.8% in the President’s health care bill. Is this true, you may be wondering?  Kind of, the tax is on unearned income, and is part of ObamaCare to help generate revenues for the Medicare Trust Fund, but it only applies to a limited number of people.  Starting in… Read More »

12 Great Financial Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms face a myriad of challenges; not the least of them is managing family finances on only one income. This is just a short list of issues. Self education regarding family finances is crucial for homemakers because of reduced income, lack of retirement accounts, increased need for self-discipline (possibly more time to shop), and… Read More »

Commingle Personal and Business Finances? Never!

Today’s post comes from Mary Hunt of Debt Proof Living, and author of 7 Money Rules for Life Dear Mary, I am reading your book, “Debt-Proof Living,” and have begun tracking my expenses. I have a home-based business. Should I include business expenses or just personal expenses in the tracking? Lucy, Vermont Dear Lucy,You should… Read More »

Friday 2/17/12 Blog Roll, Great Reads from Other Blogs

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The following are great articles this week from other personal finance blogs that I follow: Five Reasons You Might Not Get a Tax Refund from Wise Bread Are Frequent Flyer Miles Taxable from Five Cent Nickel 5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score Moolanomy.com Economics is Fun Video Series from All Financial Matters Free Lunch… Read More »

5 Little-Known Tax Deductions

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Excellent article at Smart Money about these 5 Little-Known Tax Deductions is worth checking out: Medicare Insurance and Long-Term Care Premiums Medical Expenses Paid by Someone Else Real Estate Taxes Paid by Someone Else Home Mortgage Points Paid by Someone Else Fees to Charge Taxes to Your Credit Card